Real-Time Engagement

Posts from Twitter & Instagram using your wedding hashtag are displayed on your live board within seconds.

Share with Family and Friends

Pick your own custom URL and share your board with loved ones before, during, and after your big day.

Make It Yours

Customize your board with the colors, layout, and headline that match your wedding theme.

Effortless Moderation

Approve posts manually or turn on auto moderation to instantly approve all posts as they come in.

Unlimited Memories

With unlimited content, you’re sure to capture every moment that made your wedding so special.

Multiple Display Options

Display on one or more projectors, TVs, tablets and even on your website with our website embed feature.

Social Books

Design and order one or more social books. Starting at $59.95 for a 20-page book, each social book can include up to 80 pages of the best social media content from your wedding. With social books, we make sure your wedding story doesn’t go untold.

Get Posterboard for Your Wedding

Frequently Asked Questions

Posterboard is a social media display tool that allows you to capture all of those great moments before, during and after your wedding and share them with your family and friends. You can display your live board on a projector, TVs and other screens throughout your reception space.

Not only can you use Posterboard at your reception to share all of the great memories from your big day, but you can also use Posterboard before and after the wedding by sending a link to your board to your friends and family. You can even embed the live feed on your wedding website, too!

Since Posterboard comes with a full year subscription, you can truly share all of your great wedding memories from social media forever.

Yes. After you create an account and select the “Wedding Package” plan, you will have special access to Posterboard features designed specifically for weddings like yours!
No. It’s simple for family members and friends to share their photos. All they need to do is post to social media using your wedding hashtag. No need to download a specific app – you just need Twitter or Instagram.
By selecting the Wedding Package, you will have full access to your account, your wedding board, and content will continue streaming in from Twitter and Instagram (if you so choose to keep your board running) for 1 full year.
Having difficulties setting up your board? @askPosterboard on Twitter or send an email to, and our team will be able to help you out!
With the Wedding Package, you get unlimited content posted to your board.
Posterboard gives you the freedom to choose how content is moderated before it goes on your board. By selecting Automatic Moderation, all posts that include your wedding’s hashtag will be sent to your board in real-time. If you want to give the OK before something reaches your Posterboard, you can select Manual Moderation when personalizing your board.
Posterboard is integrated with Twitter & Instagram, so the moment one of your guests posts using your wedding hashtag on either of those channels, it will be available to display on your wedding board. Twitter and Instagram are the two most popular social channels used by guests for posting photos and content during weddings.
Worried about your crazy college friend or a slightly tipsy cousin sharing something unflattering? Don’t stress. Set your Posterboard to manual moderation which gives you the ability to approve and deny.
Posterboard can be run from your computer or smartphone, all you need is a projector or the Chromecast app to share the board with everyone on your desired screen.

You’ll also need WiFi or a Hot Spot to pull in tweets in real time.