Tips for Sharing Your Wedding Hashtag with Guests

So you spent all of this time and energy creating the perfect wedding hashtag, and now you want to know the best way to share it with your friends and family. If your guests don’t know what your hashtag is, they won’t use it. Or they’ll make up their own hashtag, splitting the messages apart.

Want people to us your hashtag? Share it! Here are a few tips for sharing your wedding hashtag with your guests before, during, and after the big day.

Include your wedding hashtag in all pre-wedding celebrations.

A casual engagement party, a love-filled bridal shower, or a fun bachelor/bachelorette party – these are the perfect times to share your wedding hashtag with your friends and family. Put a few posts on social media before these events take place to remind family and friends of your hashtag. This will help build the excitement for your marriage before the big day.

Put your wedding hashtag on your wedding invitations and Save The Dates.

What better way to get your wedding hashtag in front of the eyes of your guests than by tastefully placing it on your wedding invites? Who knows – maybe your guests will even share their excitement by tweeting or posting a picture of themselves holding the invite or dropping their RSVP card in the mail. Once you send them in the mail, the challenge for the most creative pre-wedding Instagram post has begun!

Make sure your wedding website is not hashtag-less. 

Wedding websites – along with wedding hashtags – are all the rage right now, so why not put them together? Don’t forget to add your wedding hashtag on your website. Once you add your wedding hashtag, visitors can see social media posts about your engagement and wedding in real time.

Table cards are your friend – include them. 

Looking for a way to remind guests at the reception to join in the fun on social media? Table cards and table tents are a great way to display the hashtag at every table to keep it top of mind and easy to find.

Use live social media display at your reception.

The best way to pump up the party at your reception is to display your wedding hashtag for all to see. Pull in social posts including your wedding hashtag using Posterboard and display the posts and pictures in real time on TV screens or projectors for your friends and family to enjoy.

Give your wedding the best hashtag possible and reach out to Posterboard‘s Wedding Specialists by clicking on the button below. Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more tips and advice to get you geared up for your big day.

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