Social Media Etiquette for Wedding Guests

In today’s world, Instagram photos and wedding hashtags are a fun way to share the love on social media. Whether you are celebrating family or friends, there are so many great photo opportunities to capture and share. With wedding season in full swing, it is time for a refresher on social media etiquette for wedding guests.

Don’t Post Bride & Groom Photos Prior to the Reception

One of the biggest blunders you can make as a guest is to post a photo of the bride and/or groom on social media before the ceremony is over. Don’t ruin the big reveal of the wedding day look before they make their way down the aisle. Wait until the reception before sharing a photo of the couple.

Let the Professional Photographer Do His/Her Job

When it comes to capturing moments from the big day, let the photographer do their job. I’ve been at many weddings where family members are taking photos during the ceremony. This can be distracting to others and the couple. As a guest, it is best to respect this special moment and trust that the photographer will take picture perfect photos of their ring exchange and first kiss.

Publish Family-Friendly Photos Only Please

After a few cocktails at the reception, some guests may have a tendency to share some questionable or unflattering photos and videos to social media. Make sure that whatever you are sharing portrays those in the posts in a positive light. Trust us – you don’t want to look at your latest Instagram video the next morning with a sense of regret.

Create Appropriate Captions

The same rule from above applies to captions, too – appropriate content only.  Let’s keep it PG, please, especially when there are kids in attendance.

Use the Wedding Hashtag

If the wedding has a hashtag, make sure to use it in your post. This will help the couple connect all of the fun memories from the night together. This way if they are displ

aying social media posts using Posterboard, your photos and well wishes to the couple will be shared with all of the guests at the reception. How cool is that?

Do you know anyone planning a wedding that still needs help selecting a wedding hashtag? Or are you interested in using Posterboard for an upcoming wedding? Contact our team and we will help make sure the social media buzz around your wedding is just as magical as the big day itself.

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