Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Newly Engaged Couples

So your partner just popped the big question – yay! – and now it’s time to let your friends and followers on social media in on the magic. In the middle of all the excitement and the joy you’re feeling, it’s time to do what you’ve been waiting to do for a long time: Post a ring selfie with the love of your life.

We understand that you want to tell the world your big news, but there are a few things you should consider before you rush to update your relationship status. Take a look at our biggest Do’s and Dont’s that could make or break the early stages of your engagement’s presence online.

Do – Take your time creating the perfect #weddinghashtag for you and your significant other.

Give yourself some time to make your hashtag something special to your relationship. Check out some tips for making a unique hashtag and once you have picked one, don’t be afraid to share it with everyone! The more people posting their excitement for you using your #weddinghashtag, the more memories you’ll be able to look back on later.

Don’t – Jump right onto social media when the question is popped.

A lot of times, couples get so excited to share the news that it is online in a matter of minutes. While it’s great to reveal the surprise to everyone and anyone, there’s only a small window of time where it can be a special memory between you and your partner. Be sure to take in every moment and maybe wait a day or two before you announce your fabulous new relationship status.

Do – Reach out to immediate friends and family before you tell the world – aka Facebook and Instagram.

We know how exciting it can be to finally press “Post” on that engagement announcement, but try to remember the importance of cluing in your closest friends and family first. Not only will they appreciate being thought of, they will be able to give you a much more heartfelt congratulations than the expected “Congrats!” or “like” online.

Don’t – Let yourself get overwhelmed by the love on social.

You’re a pretty cool person, and you’re going to have some congratulations coming your way. That’s great – really, really great! –  but remember to soak in these moments with your soon-to-be spouse, and don’t get too caught up in thanking friends and family right away. If you’re feeling like you can’t keep up -then stop trying. Wait until you have time in your day to give your thanks. And don’t feel like you have to respond to each thank you individually. A status update thanking all is fine, too!

Do – Remember to use a social media slideshow to share the love throughout your engagement on your favorite social networks.

Using a social media display tool can help take your #weddinghashtag engagement to the next level. Imagine the looks on your aunt and uncle’s face when they see their selfie displayed at the reception, or your high school bff’s dance moves caught on the big screen during the chicken dance. The possibilities (and laughs) could be endless. There are so many amazing memories that could be captured and displayed your #weddinghashtag, and it could even encourage non-social users to create accounts and join in the fun.

Whether you’ve already announced your engagement to everyone or you are minutes from posting that ring selfie, consider these tips before you dive into all things – engagement posts. Think you could use some help perfecting your social presence for your engagement and wedding? Hit the button below to receive the best tips, advice, and assistance from the Posterboard Wedding Specialists.

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