Posterboard is Giving Away FREE Accounts to Non-Profits in Support of #GivingHeartsDay

No – this is not a typo! We want to help local non-profits get the word out so they can raise even more money this year, both during Giving Hearts Day and throughout the course of the entire year. So between now and #GivingHeartsDay (February 8th), all non-profits who sign up for Posterboard will get a free account – for life. Sign Up »

So what is Posterboard? Posterboard is a solution that allows you to put your best social media content from Twitter and Instagram in front of a wider audience. How do we do this? We make it super simple to display social media posts for all to see, such as on TV screens in your lobby, on big projector screens at your events, and on pages of your website. Think of it as the fastest and easiest way to get more mileage out of all of that great social content that you and your supporters have been posting. Widen your reach and make sure more people can see the impact you’re making in your community!

Over the past decade, Giving Hearts Day has reshaped the landscape of charitable giving in our region. Through the combined efforts of local charities and the Impact Foundation, our community has raised over $41 million in those 10 years (and over $10 million last year alone) to help further these amazing causes in North Dakota and Western Minnesota. Last year alone, approximately 22,000 people made a donation on Giving Hearts Day, many sharing inspiring messages and images using the #GoMatchyMatchy campaign on social media. Let’s make sure that even more people can see the impact our community is making during this year’s Giving Hearts Day campaign by using tools like Posterboard to spread the message!

If you’re a local non-profit and you’d like to get started with your free Posterboard account, simply click on the button below and fill out our request form. We’ll quickly verify your non-profit status and help you get your account set up so you can start using Posterboard to promote your non-profit for Giving Hearts Day and beyond.

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