Introducing Social Books

At Posterboard, our goal is to extend the life great social media content for our customers. This means we’re always looking for new ways to get content from your boards into the eyes of your customers, prospects, employees and more. Building on this goal, we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new feature: social books! We created this tool … Read More

5 Reasons Your Unplugged Wedding is Missing Out

With the rise in popularity of “plugged-in” weddings, the resistance by many to stay “unplugged” has become a part of the conversation, too. The debate between tech-friendly and “no phones please” has gotten stronger and social media has grown to be more and more influential in today’s world. If you would like to remain traditional in your wedding planning, take … Read More

Research About Social Media and Weddings You Need to Know

In today’s world of social media and technology, it can be hard to keep track of which wedding trends are right for you and your significant other. In a article by Mashable and The Knot, they break down everything you need to know about the social media, wedding websites and everything in between. Brides change their relationship status on social media faster than … Read More

Tips for Sharing Your Wedding Hashtag with Guests

So you spent all of this time and energy creating the perfect wedding hashtag, and now you want to know the best way to share it with your friends and family. If your guests don’t know what your hashtag is, they won’t use it. Or they’ll make up their own hashtag, splitting the messages apart. Want people to us your … Read More

3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception Memorable for Guests

When it comes to making your wedding reception your own, it is easier today than ever to give it that unique touch. With wedding blogs, Pinterest, wedding magazines and other resources, it can become overwhelming to try and decide and which direction to go. One thing most couples agree on? They want a memorable experience for themselves and their guests. … Read More

Social Media Etiquette for Wedding Guests

In today’s world, Instagram photos and wedding hashtags are a fun way to share the love on social media. Whether you are celebrating family or friends, there are so many great photo opportunities to capture and share. With wedding season in full swing, it is time for a refresher on social media etiquette for wedding guests. Don’t Post Bride & … Read More

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Newly Engaged Couples

So your partner just popped the big question – yay! – and now it’s time to let your friends and followers on social media in on the magic. In the middle of all the excitement and the joy you’re feeling, it’s time to do what you’ve been waiting to do for a long time: Post a ring selfie with the love … Read More

Best Tips For Creating The Wedding Hashtag Of Your Dreams

One of the latest trends in the world of weddings is to create a custom wedding hashtag. Your family, friends, and bridal party are already sharing their photos, favorite memories, quotes and other moments from your ceremony and reception on social media – and your hashtag brings all of these posts together. But it can be hard to find a hashtag … Read More

#PosterboardInAction: Red Cross Annual Meeting

The American Red Cross is a national humanitarian organization that changes lives through disaster relief, education, and emergency assistance everyday. On June 9th, #RedCrossDakotas held the 2016 Red Cross Annual Luncheon in Fargo, ND and Posterboard was there to display social media at the event. At the Annual Meeting, guests heard from honored members of the community, different representatives from … Read More

New Feature Alert: Instagram Integration

 At Posterboard, it is our mission to both extend the life and the reach of great social media content for our customers. This means that we are always looking for new ways to get content from your boards into the eyes of your customers, prospects, employees and fans. Delivering on this mission, we’ve released a new feature this week – Posterboard … Read More